Scholarly Engagement

At a high-level, my research attempts to understand how firms use information technologies (IT) to improve their performance and engage their employees. More specifically, my research focuses on IT-business strategic alignment and adoptive IT behaviors (e.g. intrinsic motivation, assimilation). My research has been published or is under review in top journals in the MIS field.

Narrative Overview

My scholarly engagement overview for my tenure packet (2016) is available as a PDF file:
Jennifer E. Gerow’s Scholarly Engagement Narrative Overview

Scholarly Engagement Activities

Select Publications:

  • Gerow, J.E., Grover, V., and Thatcher, J.B. 2016. “Alignment’s Nomological Network: Theory and Evaluation” Information & Management (53:5), pp. 541-553.
  • Gerow, J.E., Thatcher, J.B., and Grover, V. 2015. “Six Types of IT-Business Strategic Alignment: An Investigation of the Constructs and Their Measurement” European Journal of Information Systems (24:5), pp. 465-491. awarded Stafford Beer Medal for Best Paper appearing in EJIS for 2015 by The Operational Research Society (click here for an announcement from the Newsstand at Clemson)
  • Gerow, J.E., Grover, V., Thatcher, J.B., and Roth, P.L. 2014. “Looking Toward the Future of IT-Business Strategic Alignment through the Past: A Meta-Analysis” MIS Quarterly (38:4), pp. 1159-1185.
  • Gerow, J.E., Ayyagari, R., Thatcher, J.B., and Roth, P.L. 2013. “Can We Have Fun @ Work? The Role of Intrinsic Motivation for Utilitarian Systems” European Journal of Information Systems (22:3), pp. 360-380.