Associate Professor

I am an Associate Professor in the Economics and Business Department at Virginia Military Institute. I earned my PhD from Clemson University in 2011. I also have an MBA and a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences with a minor in Secondary Education. I have 9 years of industry experience in e-commerce. My teaching experience includes traditional and on-line courses, with a focus on Management of Information Systems. My research interests lie in IT-business strategic alignment, power and politics in the workplace, and adoptive IT behaviors. I am professionally engaged at VMI and in the MIS field. I also work extensively with cadets outside the classroom. In May 2014, I received the VMI Thomas Jefferson Teaching Award. In December 2015, I received the AIS Early Career Award (click here for an announcement in the VMI Institute Report or here for an announcement from the Newsstand at Clemson). Please see my Curriculum Vita and other links for complete details.

Department of Economics and Business
Virginia Military Institute
342 Scott Shipp Hall
Lexington, VA 24450